Sudden Fiction- Piece 1


I am chewing a piece of gum. It’s kind of chewy and stretchy like most gum is after you have chewed it for a bit. Oh, and it’s mint flavored too! That’s my favorite kind of gum. I like mint flavored ice cream as well. On Sundays after church, my mum always drives by the donut shop and I can get pretty much anything I want. She never lets me get any gum though because gets really cross when she sees me chew gum. I don’t understand why it gets her so upset, but I guess it’s a thing grownups like to do. They like to worry about the silliest things.

Grownups worry about a lot of things.

Like the other day, I grazed my knee as I was climbing over the big green hedge to grab some garden tomatoes for mother. A twig, a small twig got into the inside of my shorts when I was raising my other knee to get completely over the hedge. My shorts sort of got caught up in the bushy plants and when I tried to make them go free; one of the plants scratched me leaving a bruise. It was probably one of those little branches that have thorns on them. It didn’t even hurt that much. It stung a little bit though and there was a little blood, but it really wasn’t that bad at all.

I just  thought it would make mother really happy if I got some of the tomatoes that Jordan had told me about a few days ago. They were just like the sweet ones grandma usually put in her salad on the big Christmas dinner. They are the little shiny red ones that are big enough just so you can only put one whole one in your mouth but not as big as the ones my mum says they cut up to put in burgers.

I couldn’t wait to get home and show mother what I had found!

I knew she would be so proud of me.

I really like to make my mother happy because it makes me really happy.

I got home a little later in the evening so her and father did not look too pleased when they saw me. They usually get cross when I stay out too long without letting them know where I will be. I couldn’t wait to show them what I had gotten them!  I knew they would be so proud of me!

I was just about to show them what I had but when I looked up, my Father was looking at me in a really mean way.

He asked me what had happened to my knee.

“It doesn’t hurt” I replied.

“I asked what happened to your knee Brian, not what it felt like.” He replied.

And then my heart started to beat really fast. I did not like the look on Father’s face. It always frightened me when he had his mean look on. His nostrils always got really big and I hated the way his eyes got really close together when he did it. His breathing had gotten really loud too. His chest was moving up and down really fast and his mouth making a frown face. I turned and looked at my Mother hoping maybe she would understand, but the look on her face frightened me as well. She had a mean frown on her face as well and her shadow seemed larger. I started to notice that they were really tall too. They were taller than the fridge! Even Uncle Marty was not taller than the fridge and he told me he used to play basket ball in high school! There was no way I could escape from them. They were a lot bigger than I was. My heart started to beat really really fast. I looked down at the floor because I didn’t want them to see how frightened I was. I could see their shadows too and they looked scary too. I looked at my feet instead. I was wearing my red and white trainers that uncle Marty had gotten for me. My laces were getting undone. I hoped father wouldn’t notice them.

I wanted it to end.

I hated this feeling. It always got really hard to take in air. My throat always starts to feel like a huge lump is stuck in there. I was feeling like as if I was stuck in a small corner, like as if I was trapped.

It made me feel really lonely.

My parents looked strange. They were different. Were they really my parents? Were they even human? I wanted to run away and get away from them! I wanted to feel like I was part of something. I wanted to stop feeling sad.

I hated being sad

When were  my real parents, my real people going to come and finally get me!? I had been waiting for a really long time now. There was no way these people were my parents. They looked so scary and made me feel like I was not part of them.

I didn’t like being unwanted.

All I had done is get some tomatoes for mother. I wanted mother to be happy. I wanted mother to be proud of me and then maybe she could tell father what a good job I had done and then maybe father would like me more.

“Brian!”  My mother yells.

Suddenly, I am back to the present.

“Brian, answer your father” she says.

I feel  like I am about to start crying. When I start to speak it is really hard to. I am afraid to speak, because I feel like I will cry if I start to.

“I grazed my knee as I climbed over the hedge.”

I hear myself reply.

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